Tutor and Student

Develop strong writing skills 

New Age Owls Academic Tutors train and guide you to develop strong writing skills, an incredibly important skill especially for Standardized Exams and Personal Statement.  

Throughout a students education they are taught various techniques and fundamental essay writing skills. A online Essay Review Tutor teaches a student to polish those skills, enabling essay writing to become a breeze. A personal statement/essay paper will normally been averegelly reviewed more than 10 papers until a final draft Essay is approved to be submitted for any universities application.  

Benefits of developing strong Essay Writing Skills include: 

  1. Overall improvement in all educational fields; 

  2. Final preparation for standardized testing and Personal Statement;

  3. Increase chances of getting in to the best college;

  4. Opens career opportunities.

Online Tutoring courses


  • Full Syllabus Revision 

  • Problem Solving Framework 

  • Model Answers Review 

  • Exam Focus & Time Management Skills 

  • Drill Comprehensive Coverage 

  • Pre- Questions Practice & Post Practice Review 


  • Group and Individual  

  • Timed Practices and Review 

  • Exam Preparation Courses 

  • Ad-hoc Topic Review 

  • Extended Essays Review 


  • Academy Advising on High School (13—17)  

  • Personal Statement Mentoring  

  • Portfolio Preparation 

  • Interview Preparation  

  • U.K./U.S. Entrance Test Preparation 



  • Holiday Programs 

  • Textbook Content and questionnaires exposure